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The cellphone has many functions. People like to use it to contact others, learn, entertainment. People take cellphones by side everyday. Cell phones sometimes break down and people need to fix them. And some people like to decorate their cellphones with phones accessories. Some retailers are good at repairing and decorating the cellphones, and only one small booth can support their skills business. Do you need one your own booth? Let’s show you one outdoor requiring kiosk.

Outdoor repairing kiosk description

The outdoor repairing kiosk style is so modern and wonderful. Its color elements are the white and black, which matches very perfect. The kiosk body main color is white and there are some black to decorate other parts.

The white board is combined with piece by piece so we can see the lines between the boards. This kind surface looks more textured. Look at the facade part, there is on black frame enclose the black logo. The logo can let people know your service directly. The following area is the big black sales window with one canopy to get shade and keep out of rains. There is one working counter near the window, you can help you repair or decorate the cellphones. The counter exterior has display area to display the accessories. There are some pattern signs on counter bottom too. At the left side of the kiosk, there is one black window and one black door. There is one Apple brand cellphone mark on the door. It looks cool.

Outdoor repairing kiosk

The kiosk right side has a great design. There is one big area black board covering the booth wall. One light box also shows the booth service pattern. When people from two directions, they will see your sign and know it is a fix station. What’s more, more bigger logo and pattern is highlighted on the black board at this wall. You can place it in any outdoor places.

cellphone repairing kiosk

Interior design

In such one 2*2m kiosk, the inside part has the glass showcases, technical staff counter and working counter Even the kiosk is small, but it still has the storage areas of the counters. Besides, the display shelves and racks are on the wall to display some accessories of the cellphones. When people repair cellphones from you, they can choose the accessories to replace the old accessories. The ceiling, wall and floor all have a good treatment, which is one delicate small shop.

outdoor kiosk

We are willing to help you create one wonderful booth. Please contact us for more details on design and production.

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