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There are lots of coffee stalls in the streets because there is a big coffee consumer group. And the coffee market is profitable no matter it is big coffee shop or small coffee booths. If you want to join in the coffee market, you need to have one outstanding street coffees stall to compete those same industries. Next, please follow me to learn about one example of the kiosk.

Street coffees stall description

The coffees stall is 1.5*1.5m, which is tiny but very exquisite. The exterior decoration adopts three colors elements, they are white, black and wooden color. The main street coffees stall surface is white boards and they lined up piece by piece. So it is with the lines which is also one kind decoration and looks very stereoscopic. Besides, the wooden strips are as the logo backboard to highlight the white logo. And the right top corner, there is still one light box to show the brand image. When people from front side, left or right side, they can see your logos. Then they can notice that you sell coffee.

street coffees stall

The following is the sales window with one canopy and area is from front side to left side. The frame is also decorated by the wood. And it adds the glass structure, which is very modern and delicate which can create a sense of transparency. And the consumers can sign in at your kiosk and take pictures to help your shop create more selling points. The left side also has the black door with one round ventilation window with many lattice. And other side also has the green plants decoration to increase the vigor and vitality to the coffee food booth.

outdoor coffee kiosk

Interior design

There is one cashier working counter with one coffee snack kiosk pattern at the sales window. Inside part also has counters for you to make coffees. What’s more, there is the stuffs storage shelves on the wall and storage cabinets for store something. You can put the refrigerator under the countertop. We also offer the sinks. The tiles for the wall not only can be the decoration but also can protect the wall. You can place the blackboard on the wall to show menus to people or show other information.

Location options

The coffee food stand is small but takes up very little space. But if is with good design and management, it can make the store look more attractive and add stories to more customers. It can be located in a variety of areas, whether in markets, in front of offices, in department stores, outdoor. You can create your own coffee brand chains in different places. You can put one stool near the kiosk and consumers can have a short rest.

outdoor food kiosk

Our service

We work within clear time frames and provide advice on time. We provide complete design, production services. According to your budget, we can help you make relevant style and materials for the booth. If you have more ideas and requirements, welcome to communicate with us.

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