Favorable Custom Hamburger Trailer Retail Pizza Food Truck

The streets are very busy because of a lot of flexible retailers. They provide many foods and daily products, so more and more people like to go there to enjoy shopping time. For the retailers, the trailers are the main tool. People like to eat hamburger, french fries, pizza, coco cola, coffee these fast foods, which is very delicious. If you want to have a small business to sell fast foods, today, we have one custom hamburger trailer to share you.

Custom hamburger trailer description

The hamburger trailer is big and colorful with its own features. The whole trailer surface has the poster sticker decoration to show so wonderful lots of different fast foods. It shows different hamburgers, chips, coffee, pizza these patterns, and also shows relevant food names and slogans. People can know what you sell from this decoration directly. It is a effective promotion advertisement. When you move it to different places on the road, most people can see your food cart and know your booth brand.

custom hamburger trailer

At the custom hamburger trailer middle place, there is the foods sales window. The window is big without sliding door and you can have a direct contact with consumers face to face. And people can see your foods making process from the big window. If you like sliding door device for window, we can also install it. The support rod holds the canopy and the iron chains holds the small bar counter under window. You can close them all when you are away the snack trailer.

hamburger truck

From other views to see the hamburger food truck, it is also beautiful with the stickers. At the front end, the thick tow bar holds many devices. You can put the air condition device, generator and something. There is one hole on the wall for putting the tube. Even they are heavy, the tow bar is strong to bear them. The tow bar main function is to help moving by connecting the car with iron chains. Several white smoke vents are at the back wall top. If you set many cooking machines in the cart, we can help you set relevant smoke vents.

hamburger cart

fast food trailer

And we make the door at the hamburger catering truck rear part. The door is the basic configuration then you can go into and out of the trailer. You can lock the door and windows for keeping the machines security. Besides, there 4 wheels at the cart body bottom, we can called 4 wheels are double wheels type. And at the cart body, we can also put 4 jacks to play the auxiliary role.

snack trailer



We use high quality galvanized materials to make the trailer structure and its chassis. For the working counters, we use stainless steel materials. These materials are very durable with long lifespan. They are metal which is not easy to be broken by the weathers or some malicious impacts.

snack truck


The width is 2000mm, length is 4000mm and height is 2400mm of the hamburger trailer. The width for the trailer biggest is 2200mm. Otherwise, it can’t be shipped into shipping container. So it has the limited. We can customize relevant size for you.

food truck


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