Favorable Retail Fast Food Trailer Custom Snack Truck

The fast foods are people’s favorite street snacks, such as hamburger, French fries, crepe, waffle etc.. Some people are good at making several foods and some are particular on one kind food. No matter what ways, you need to have a platform to open the business. By the way, the retail fast food trailer is the most useful tool. It is like a mobile shop with many advantages. Let me introduce you one.

Retail fast food trailer description

Here is one beautiful rose red fast food trailer. If you move it at the street, and it catch people’s eyes. And all kinds of colors are popular, which depends on your hobbies. We not only can make the color for you, but also can decorate the retail fast food trailer surface for you. Look at this decoration, it has the French fries cute pattern at the window bottom. This side is towards to people, and they can often see it. Besides, you can also put your business logo or shop name on the cart. There’s a nice smell of your food coming from this window and attract the passers-by.

retail fast food trailer

This is the front head of the retail fast food trailer. The basic standard design here is the arch form. Here the tow bar design is necessary if you need to move it usually. And the tow bar design here is “A”, its space can hold some big and heavy equipment. And it has safe brake system with single guide wheel. What is more, the 4 lifting jacks is fixed by the screw which is very durable and stable. The wheel is only single axle but it can work directly and hold the big food cart body.

food trailer


At the sales window, there are several food freezers. The machine not only can make the food fresh but also can display foods to people directly. Then people can see what you sell and the food is clean and fresh for them.The back side also has the flat stainless steel counter and water sink system. Further more, the lamps and electric system are also equipped. In the snack truck, you can stand inside on the floor stably because it is non-slip. The space can make you feel comfortable when making the fast foods.


Dimension: 300*200*230cm


Color: Customize as you request

Wheel axle: Single or double as you request

Retail fast food truck


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