Fresh Juice Concession Stand Outdoor Beverage Food Kiosk

Nowadays, juices, boba teas and beverages are very popular in summer. The young people like to drink them in the hot days. The ice juices can make people feel cool and happy. And most people catch the changes to open their juices and boba teas boothes. Do you also want your own booth? Let’s take a view on one juice concession stand details.

Juice concession stand description

The juice concession stand is customized for the street or outdoor use suitably. Its top is solid wood type. The wooden material is very popular in the building use. It shows the natural and retro style. The top wooden is brown and different wooden materials are optional. The big 3D acrylic luminous logo is at the eave middle. The logo is black and green. Besides, white lighting sign is at the right bottom corner. The concept express the information to people is that the juices they make is always fresh and health. This concept can attract many consumers who pay attention to fresh and clean fruits juices. The juices display freezer is placed at food kiosk facade counter middle area. And its two beside counters hold something. And each one counter surface has the light box with different poster. The juices pictures are also vivid and fancy in people’s eyes.

juice concession stand

The juice food stall two sides have dining tables for consumers. And every side prepares the 3 stools then people can have a sit to enjoy their juices and teas. The customers can incur attractive effects to bring more consumers at your food booth. On the wall, there are different juice light box decoration too. And we can see several spotlights are installed on the kiosk top. Then the whole juice concession stand is with enough lighting. In addition, some green plants are around the the it which can let people feel full of vigor.

outdoor juice kiosk


At the facade side, there are two light boxes to show menu at ceiling left and right side. And people can view the menu and order juices conveniently. In the juice concession kiosk, the working counters are necessary. But not only this, there are display shelves against the wall for you to put something or show some decorations. The products pictures are also on the wall. And the food concession stall leave you suitable space for placing the equipment, such as big refrigerator. What’s more, we also offer beautiful lamp with relevant style to install at the ceiling as decoration. The floor is PVC type with wooden pattern.

street food kiosk


The whole style of the kiosk is so wonderful. And the kiosk is practical and durable because of its structure design and high quality materials. We can customize any style of kiosk for you.


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