Functional mobile coffee cart stainless steel juice trolley for outdoor use

If you want to start a small business, a mobile coffee cart will be a good choice. It no need high rent and cost, very suitable for people who new started.

stainless steel coffee cart

This is a stainless steel coffee bike share you. Its body all used durable stainless steel, surface finished by pink paint. It comes with a bike and wheels, so you can ride it, can change locations freely. It is very flexible. The front and back side all has a flap door. When they go up, they can used as a canopy, when night you can put them down. The left side is a menu board, it also a flap board, can close the left side. The right side is a flip board, it can work like a shelf, can put some products. When night, you can up it to close right side. So at night whole cart can closed. This kind design idea is very smart and functional. The both front and back side of the cart body have drawers and cabinets for storage. There also has a small sink on countertop for wash.

mobile coffee cart

Detailed info about this stainless steel coffee cart:

street coffee trolley Size: 1.6m by 0.8m

Color: pink color

Materials used: thick 304 food grade stainless steel with pink powder coat finish

Accessories included: stainless steel handles, stainless steel topping pans, menu

Usage: it can used to sell coffee, drinks and cake

Advantages of this stainless steel beverage cart

  1. It is Weather-proof

This cart all used stainless steel, it is water-proof and sun-proof, very durable. So this cart is very suitable for outdoor use.

  1. can close at night, very safe

This mobile food trolley have doors on four sides, can close at night.

  1. Enough storage area

Both front and back side have store cabinets.

  1. Different size and colors are available

We do customize, can customize it in different size and colors as your needs.

About package

We will ship it whole assemble before load it. After assemble finished we will use hard wood box pack it one whole piece.

Production time: 22-25 work days after order confirmed





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