Functional small food trailer stainless steel mobile catering trailer for sale

Basic info about this small food trailer

small food trailer

Size: 2.2x2x2.1m

Customize: different size and colors are available

Materials used: basic structure used is Galvanized sheet, inside work counters used is 304 grade stainless steel

Production time: 18-20 work days after order confirmed

mobile fast food trailer

Why choose this small catering trailer?

food concession stand

  • Its surface can do different colors, can put your logo and sign
  • It can used to sell many different kinds of food and beverage
  • Easy towing

This small food trailer comes with CE standard towing bar and system. You can use your truck or SUV car to tow it freely.

  • Big work counters

It comes with big stainless steel work counters inside. On the countertop you can put machines and work, under countertop will have a lot space to storage.

  • Sink with Cold and hot water

The tap can supply both cold and hot water. It comes with two tanks, one tank to storage fresh water, another used to storage dirty water.

  • Aluminum floor with drain

The floor used is high quality embossed aluminum plate floor , which is anti-slipping and very durable. It comes with drain, you can clean the floor very conveniently.

  • Surface paint is very durable

We will paint the trailer surface at least 3 times, it will create a hard paint surface, can use many years.

street food trailer

Myfoodkiosk is a manufacturer in making customized outdoor kiosks and street food trailers. Our food trailers can give you best solution. You can install your machines, it can use for many different kinds of food business. Our small food trailer can help you save budget and transport cost. One 40ft container can load about 7 sets this kind food trailers. Our food trailers have different colors, black, white, red, yellow, pink etc. We can also customize the trailer as colors you like. Welcome to contact us for more details!


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