Functional Street Snack Stall Outdoor Food Kiosk Design

At the outdoor places, many people place the booths at the street to sell all kinds products. And foods are always popular by the people. But at present, people prefer to have the street snack stall to sell foods rather than the restaurant. Restaurant cost needs high rents and cost on decoration and inside fixtures. So the food stalls are better choice for the retailers. They only needs a little space and can make many profits at the bust street.

Street snack stall description

Here we can see the real effect of the snack stall on the real street. It meet the retailer’s needs well. And it is not only very functional but also has a good decoration. It is no less charming than the big shop or restaurant. The main structure of it is the metal with wooden strip decoration.


Look at the booth facade, there is one golden stainless steel logo at the stall top. And the logo can be lighting at night. Such metal logo is very high-end and high quality and increase the high grade to the street snack stall. The strong sunshine can’t shine toward to the food kiosk inside and affect the foods freshness. And the rains also can’t make your booth inside wet. All is because of the wide good eave. The menu with snacks pictures and price is hanged at the top at facade. When people come to the street snack stall, they can order foods conveniently. The bottom part surface has the shipping container surface metal design, which has texture. And it still has a little wooden floor for consumers. The area can shows how clean the food booth is and people also can feel good.

street snack stall

The back side of the street food stand is black and the structure is shipping container metal surface too. The door is big and left side and it has durable lock for security. What’s more, we can see here the facade has black roller shutter door to close the sales window at night. The roller shutter door is convenient and durable for you to use.

outdoor food stall

We can see the booth layout design. The counters are L shape in the street snack stall. And its countertop is made of man-made stone, which is so glossy and high grade. And when you make the countertop dirty, it is easy to clean up. The food kiosk right side has one freezer to display the soft ice cream. And cashier register is near the freezer. Besides, you can place other snacks machines on the rest space for working. All counters have relevant cabinets for storage. The kiosk back side has one big image wall. It shows many fruits patterns and express their concept to people. People can know you use fresh fruits to make the health juices or snacks for them. Then they will like your booth and foods more. And if your weather is hot, the air condition also can be installed.

street food kiosk


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