Green Custom Food Truck Street Mobile Snacks Trailer

The food market always has a big consumer group, because people need to have foods everyday. Some retails sell main daily foods, and others sell snacks, juices, teas etc.. When you sell foods at the street, no matter what foods, they are very popular by consumers. What we can help you is to customize the custom food truck with relevant functions and decorations. Then you can have a useful tool to sell foods casually.

Custom food truck description

This is one standard tiny food truck. Its color is light green which is one natural color and most people like it. And its frame is white. White and green is a fresh color matching. The front part of the custom food truck has the external power supply. And it is very convenient for you to connect the local power supply. So you can move it to the places you want freely. Besides, it has the glass ventilation window. You can see the surrounding situation. The bottom is the tow bar with iron chains, brake system. The tow bar have a big loading capacity, so you can put some machine on the tow bar for working.


custom food truck


The top of the custom food truck is for the big sunshade. You can adjust its shield areas according to the sunshine shining or the rains situation. Under the sunshade, there the sliding selling windows. People can order the foods from your selling window and wait for it in a shadow and cool area.

custom food truck 2

At the opposite of the sales window, the wall of the food trailer is very glossy. And it has two exhaust smoke windows for the inside kitchen machines. You can go into the food trailer from the back door. The door with safe lock is to keep security at night or the time you don’t work. What’s more, the two sides have the tail lights. The tail light is very useful and basic standard. Besides, the custom food trailer has the single axle wheels. The wheels are wear-resistant for you to move far away distances.

custom food trailer

What can I custom?

For the whole custom trailer, we all can make it with a 3D design for you. The food trailer size, color, layout, structure, shape all can meet your needs.


mobile food trailer

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