Green Ice Cream Truck Street Snack Food Trailer

The ice cream is the most popular cool snack in Summer. It can let people feel comfortable in hot days. Besides, its taste is sweet and can let people feel happy especially for the persons who like eat sweet foods or for children. It is easy for you to sell ice cream. As long as you have the convenient tool, you can do it at once. And the green ice cream truck can be the booth to support your business.

Green ice cream truck description

As we can see, the ice cream truck color is fresh green which matches the summer feature well. And most people like such color very much, because it looks so close to nature and health. What’s more, the silver galvanized edge is with some grains. It makes the ice cream truck more textured. The mobile ice cream truck here has two axle wheels. When you pull it, you can feel it is very smooth. And the tire is hard-wearing. Two sales windows not only has the sunshades but also has sliding door. It can offer better security.

mobile ice cream truck

The front head also has one small window. Its main function is for ventilation or look through the surrounding situation. One yellow power supply is near the window. And the tow bar has relevant size. Its back area can hold something, so you can place the equipment on it. The tow bar is very solid because it is one part of the metal chassis. You can pull the food trailer rest assured.

ice cream trailer

The door is set at the food truck rear side middle area. Door is to the middle channel directly. The mobile ice cream truck design is very reasonable. In addition, every car type has the standard tail light design, so does food trailer. What kind of tail lights you use, we can make it to meet your standard. Under the bottom, 4 jacks are hanged at 4 corners. The jacks also play big role on stability.

food truck


In the ice cream snack van, two sides have high quality stainless steel working bench. They leaves middle space is the channel for you to act flexibly and comfortably. The floor is non-slip even the floor is wet, you won’t fall down in case easily. The back bench is the main area for making ice cream and other snacks. The counter has the 3 water sinks, cooking machine and kitchen range hood at wall. The front working bench is mainly for displaying the foods, accessories, ice cream machine, cashier register etc.. And working counters have many storage shelves. Further more, relevant electric configurations are complete such as sockets, cable box, switch, lamps.


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