Green Outdoor Coffee Booth Simple Street Cafe Bar

Almost every place has the coffee booth. Some people drinks coffee every day especially when they work at office. The coffee is a big market for most retailer. You can have an outdoor coffee booth to start a relaxing business. When people go at the street, they can buy the coffee from the booths. What kind of the coffee booth is popular? Let’s see one kind booth.

Outdoor coffee booth description

The coffee booth is green and it looks very natural. Whole green color can let people feel pleased. And other colors can be optional for the kiosk. The outdoor coffee booth logo is white and at the kiosk top. It is very simple and clear. Besides, it has two small signs at the logo two sides. People can know the information from your signs. It is that they can enjoy your WIFI service and phone charging service. This is a very good attractive and maintaining consumers way. People can enjoy your coffee and your additional service at your booth. In this way, they love to go to your booth and stay for a long time. When many people at your coffee booth, they can help you attract more people to drink coffee.

outdoor coffee booth

What’s more, there is one TV at the inside wall of the outdoor coffee stall. People can also enjoy the TV time. The outdoor coffee booth offers a relaxing rest or working place to people. They can spend the leisure time here. The design is so considerate from the customer’s point of view. Such business promotion way with a good kiosk design can have many consumers and earn a good profits. The inside counter is for you to use to put machines and make coffee.

outdoor coffee stall

Another considerate way of the coffee food kiosk is that it has 3 sales window. And every side has a table and a long bench for customers. So many consumers can sit around your coffee booth to drink coffee and watch your TV together. People can feel cool under the big sunshades. Besides, very sunshade has the LED lamps and they are lighting at night to offer people a bright vision. The sunshades have the supporting bars and you can close them at when you don’t work.

outdoor cafe bar

More specifications

Size: 3*2m

Material: Metal, plywood and aluminium panel

Style: Simple

street coffee bar


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