Green Outdoor Kitchen Food Truck Mobile Catering Trailer Design

In recent years, the popular trend in traditional catering industry around the world is the food truck. Why is is so popular? The reason is that it is cheaper than opening the shop, and the profit is explosive. It has strong flexibility in the business area, and you can choose different locations and different consumers. Today, we share you one mobile kitchen food truck.

Kitchen food truck description

The mobile food truck has large space because it is big. The truck has a strong sealing when you close it. It’s very durable and safe for outdoor use no matter how strong sunshine or heavy rains and snows it meets. The color is pure natural green, but any colors is available based on your request. The wheels are double axle, which can support big truck body well and looks more beautiful. The tow bar can bear load and is very durable when you pull the food trailer.

Kitchen food truck

Besides, it has two sales windows which is separated. When you open it, it is ventilated. At the kitchen food truck tail, it has a big door for you to come inside the truck. You can open or close the door at any time even when working. At door two sides, the tail lights is necessary. After all, it will be on the road when you pull it to any places. In this way, the other driving will notice your truck situation.

kitchen food truck 2

The other side of the kitchen food truck is very smooth. If you think it is too simple, we can also make it with some decorations, such as your logo, food poster, slogan. Besides, there are 4 lifting jacks under the whole truck. The jacks can make the truck more stable even you work in the truck.

kitchen food truck 3

Food truck layout

We make the stainless steel working counters inside the kitchen food van. The counters will not get rust forever because of the high quality material. Besides, the steel counters have the storage shelves, cabinets and some empty space for putting some big machines. On the countertop, you can place any food equipment and tools. The sink is in the counter with cold and hot tap. Under the sink, it is with pumps, water tanks, floor drain together. The floor is not smooth, in order to keep staff stand safely, it is non-slip. The most important is that the electric device. We arrange them reasonably for you to use. They are the same as what you use in your local country. And the ceiling and window can hang lamps or LED light strip to offer the lighting or add the atmosphere.


The customization is according to your needs on the shape, size, color, layout and some special ideas. We support 3D design and show the effect first. Besides, it is okay to amend it if you other suggestions.

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