Green Small Candy Trailer Simple Snack Truck

As we all know, the children like candies very much. And they can feel satisfied easily, because when they eat candies, they are very happy. But not only children like candies, so do adults. Candies belong to sweet foods. Sweet foods can make people pleased and improve their energies. At the street, we can also see many candy trailers. Next, I introduce you one small candy trailer.

Small candy trailer description

This one small candy trailer color is light green, which is very beautiful. Such kind color looks very fresh and natural. It’s a gentle style. There is one big arch arch shape window at the can trailer front side. At the left edge, there is one power supply for you to get the electricity conveniently. Normally the tow bar is at the front head. The tow bar is helpful for mobile when you connect the bar. It has relevant basic device guide wheel and high quality and durable connecting chain. The tow bar also have strong bearing power so you can put something heavy on it.

Small candy trailer

The sales window is at the snack trailer right side. And you can display the candies, snacks you will sell on the counter. The window door is as the sunshade when you open it. The sunshade is very useful to help prevent the big sun or heavy rain. In this way, you can still continue to sell candies and snacks. The small candy trailer is enough height for you to stand inside. You can see the effect of that person in the candy trailer.

candy truck

Look at the chassis details. The wheels shells are very suitable and reasonable for the wheels. It can avoid the mud on the cart body when you move snack truck everywhere. And for the small cart body, the wheels type is single axle only, which looks much more reasonable. Besides, there are durable diamond shape jacks which can make cart body stable. And normally the entry door is the small candy truck rear side. The door has high quality lock with keys. And we will offer tailing system too.

mobile candy trailerInterior design

In the candy trailer, there are enough big counters for you to display products. And counters are with the storage shelves. You can put many candies and snacks. The stainless steel counter also has the water sink. If you also sell other foods, you can make it on the back side with machines. And the floor is non-skid aluminum type.


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