Green Special Outdoor BBQ Truck Retail Street Food Trailer

No matter for the parties or normal snacks, people always like to eat BBQ. Barbecue smells very good and its taste is very delicious. For the street snack, it is essential. To make your BBQ popular, not only your foods should be delicious, but also the booth should be attractive. In this way, you can be standout from all same industry. Today, you must like the outdoor BBQ truck we share.

Outdoor BBQ truck description

The barbecue truck structure is so unique and fancy. The whole shape is like the ship which is so classical. The top and bottom part is green and middle part is wooden color. The colors of the outdoor BBQ truck matches each other well. Besides, a big, simple and clear logo is at the roof which can attract consumers. The logo can be luminous at night. A good signage can let people remember and find your booth well. When they want to eat barbecue with friends, they can think about you.

outdoor BBQ truck

Around the top eaves, there are so many round spotlights. They are the decorations and add the romantic atmosphere at night. The lighting also plays a vital role. The lights can make your booth eye-catching and catch people’s attention when they pass-by.

outdoor BBQ truck decoration

The outdoor BBQ truck has several windows on 4 sides. There is one main sales window and one circle shape window at beside. The window combination is also good vision design, which looks so different and meet the shop features. These widows are mainly for ventilation.

outdoor BBQ truck design

The tow bar is durable with a big bearing load capacity. If you put some heavy equipment on the tow bar, it can hold it stably. You can use car to pull the whole food trailer easily to any places.

BBQ trailer

The tail lights are installed at the food truck rear. In addition, the barbecue trailer has the double axle wheels, which can bear the big truck body and looks more reasonable. 4 lifting jacks also can make the truck more stable when it is placed on the floor.

Outdoor BBQ truck layout

Here is the clear picture to show you a whole layout. We place the stainless steel working tables at food trailer two sides. The tables are with storage cabinets and shelves based on your needs. In addition to the countable areas, we also put relevant machines reasonably, such as big refrigerator, sinks, cooking equipment. What kind of machines you need, we can offer and make a good BBQ trailer exterior and interior design for you. The electric devices are at the wall with a safe installation. You can use them with your machines freely. The ceiling has lamps and floor with drain is non-slip aluminum type. All is high quality, complete and considerate for you.

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BBQ truck layout

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