Green Street Hot Dog Trailer Mobile Fast Food Van

Hot dog not only can be the main food to help people make stomach full but is the delicious snack. People can bake the hot dog directly or make it as ingredient for breads, hamburger, pizza, or other fast foods. We can see many retailers have their food trailers outdoor. Would you like one street hot dog trailer to make business? Here we show you practical one truck.

Street hot dog trailer description

This one hot dog trailer is big and the area can be divided into two sales windows. You can display and sell different hot dogs at two windows. If there are too consumers, they can wait for in line in front of the windows for ordering foods. The sunshade can can shield your booth from the sun and rains. And people who is under the sunshade, they can feel cool. Under the sales windows, there are double axle wheels at the chassis middle, which can hold a big cart body. Besides, when you pull it by car, the wheels can be mobile conveniently.

street hot dog trailer

When you open the front side small arch window, the board can extend out to be as the table. And the chains hang it stably. Under the small table, the street hot dog trailer has the tow bar and holds two buckets. It can hold very heavy stuffs. Besides, it also has the brake, turning and reverse system with the guide wheels and chains. You can connect the car stably when want to change the place.

street hot dog trailer 2

Look at the street hot dog trailer end, it has a door with security lock. And its top has small eave which can shield the door from rain. The door top part also has the arch window. In addition, the standard turn lights system is at the bottom two sides, which is like the car device. The lighting can be the same as what you use in your own country.

hot dog truck


We can see the inside configuration all is stainless steel, which is very high quality. You can use the food truck even dozens of years. The front counter has counter at front side is very flat. And you can put display the foods here or machines, such as cashier register, freezer. Its bottom can be put big refrigerator and other sides has two layering shelves. The back side is the main working area. There are many kitchen devices, such as water system, oven, and others. The top wall also has the storage shelf for you to put what you need to use. And the wall has the electric box, sockets. Ceiling has the lamp and floor is non-slip aluminum type. All is durable.

Layout 1

layout 2

More perspective

more perspective

Different colors

No matter what colors you like for the food trailer, we can meet your hobbits.

food trailer

food truck

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