Green Street Juice Stall Small Outdoor Beverage Booth For Sale

A street juice stall is useful because it offers fresh and healthy beverages to people who are on the go. It is an affordable alternative to packaged drinks and can provide a quick energy boost. Additionally, street juice stalls can help promote healthy eating habits and support local businesses.

Street juice stall description

The street juice stall is a vibrant and eye-catching kiosk that specializes in selling mango juice. Its main color of the stall is green, which gives a natural and healthy feel to it. We decorate the stall counter with attractive posters that showcase the brand concept. And they introduce the various juices that are available for purchase. The menu and juice pictures are also prominently on displaying to help customers make informed choices.

The top of the stall features the logo and juice patterns, which are designed to catch the eye of passersby. The stall has a desire to sell health juices, and this is reflected in the way to present to customers.

street juice stall

Each sales window has acrylic LED lights that shine brightly, making the stall even more attractive. The food kiosk is also with durable universal wheels that make it easy to move around. This is particularly useful for street vendors who need to be able to relocate their stall quickly and easily.

outdoor juice kiosk

The stall has a big canopy that covers it from the sun and rain. The canopies ensure that selling is not affected by the weather. And countertop is man-made stone material that is white and clear. It allows customers to easily see the juices on display. The countertop also has cabinets for storage, and the top is with spotlights to highlight the juices.

street beverage stall

The stall has roller shutter doors on all four sides that are durable and provide security for the vendor’s equipment and supplies. Juice snack  stand is made of high-quality metal, which gives it strength and durability. The stall is also customizable, and vendors can contact the manufacturer to produce a stall that meets their specific requirements.

outdoor juice booth


In conclusion, the street juice stall is an attractive and functional kiosk that is designed to sell health juices. It equips with a range of features that make it easy to use, secure, and durable. The stall is customizable, and the manufacturer can produce a design that meets the vendor’s specific needs. Overall, the street juice stall is a great option for street vendors who want to sell healthy and refreshing juices to their customers.

snack stand

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