High-end fashion mall custom design stone material bread cake sales kiosk for sale

Bread kiosk Introduction

A covered open bakery stands quietly in the center of the first floor of the mall. It is not only a feast for the taste buds, but also a pleasure for the eyes. This bread pavilion is like an exquisite bread palace, attracting passers-by with its unique charm. Approaching the mall, one can see the bread kiosk at a glance. It is located in the people to go to the traffic road, the space is spacious and bright. You can’t help but stop and look. In front of the kiosk is the product area, where various types of bread are displayed. Each one has an attractive aroma that makes people salivate.

Bread kiosk selling area

The front and sides of the selling area are surrounde by an elaborate bread counter. The three counters are made of light-colored stones with various impurities. This unique material gives it a stylish and elegant quality. In the middle of the counter is the location of the cash register, which is convenient for customers to pay quickly. The logo of the bread kiosk hangs on the side of the cash register. It is simple and bold, making its brand instantly recognizable. Transparent refrigerated cabinets are installed on the cabinets on both sides of the silver machine. These freezers display a variety of freshly baked bread. They are arranged neatly, as if they are showing their delicious food to customers. Through the transparent glass, you can see the texture and color of the bread, which makes you want to taste it.

Back wall of the bread stand

The back wall of the kiosk is even more unique. Two domed walls stand elegantly. Their lines are smooth and beautiful, adding a touch of art to the whole bread kiosk. This design greatly improves the grade of the bread kiosk. The top of the kiosk is equally impressive. It extends from the back to the front, forming a natural arc. The front is supporte by two metal steel, which is strong and stable. The top is designe with some gold stainless steel decorations, which shine in the light, making the whole bread pavilion look more gorgeous and noble.

Bread production room

Behind the bread kiosk is a completely enclose space. This is the world of bakers, who make all kinds of delicious bread here. This space not only ensures the hygiene and safety of bread making, but also facilitates the work of bakers. This covered open bakery in the mall is not only a place to shop, but also a place to enjoy food and experience art. It has won the love and trust of customers with its unique charm and high quality products.

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If you’re planning to start a bread business, this kiosk is a good example to follow. As a direct sales manufacturer specializing in the production and design of various food display kiosks, we have rich experience and professional technical team. We can tailor your kiosk design to suit your needs and budget. No matter what style, material and size you want we can meet your requirements. At the same time, we also provide one-stop service including design, production, installation and after-sales maintenance so that you have no worries.

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