High-end Outdoor Catering Truck Luxury Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Why do so many people dream of owning a catering truck? With the dining car as the carrier, rent is saved, and there is no need to hire people to watch the store. One person can finish watching the store, making and selling delicious food. Small space businesses can run from snacks to staple food to tea at the same time. So multi-functional catering truck is a good business tool. I will introduce one dreaming catering truck for you.

Catering truck description

This one catering trailer structure design is so unique and creative. It is a customized type which is rare from the common trailers. Its 4 corners are round curved, which looks special and more beautiful. The big sales window is unique too and its one corner is also curved. The big shelter can offer a big cool and comfortable are when sunshine shines on the cart. Besides, the door is near the window. This side of the catering truck is red. It can be any colors if you prefer.

outdoor catering truck

There are two small windows are the food trailer front and tail side.The small windows are oval shape and they are parallel. Its tow bar is also different from the common triangle shape. There is one semicircularshape and one straight bar in semicircular middle, which forms the tow bar. It can be moved by car, motor tricycle etc., which is convenient for you to pull everywhere. And its wheels are double axle for the big trailer body.

outdoor catering truck 2

The surface of the mobile kitchen truck is silver steel materials. The bright silver color can make the truck more luxury. It is smooth and without some decoration. But this is just right and show the high-end style. Sometimes, simple design is better than colorful design.

outdoor catering truck 3

Different color

This is different decoration of the outdoor catering truck. It is wooden decoration. For this side, it can be different colors and or different wooden decoration. The wooden decoration also looks very textured and natural.

Food truck interior part

There are many devices in the catering truck. The inside wall can be with wooden decoration or other decorations too. The stainless steel counters with cabinets and racks are on two sides. The counter also leaves the space for the sinks system. The water tanks, pump and floor drain are under the sink. Besides, the truck also equips electric systems. The lamps normally are at the ceiling. The LED light strip can be at the window shelter or the inside wall top edges.

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