High-end Outdoor Coffee Stand Delicate Street Coffee Bar

Coffee booth is a good place for people to enjoy time with friends, family, colleague. And outdoor coffee stand is more popular. It can meet people’s convenience. And who will pass-by your food booth will be your potential consumers. A cafe with special features can attract customers. Are you upset that you can’t find one wonderful coffee kiosk? Please don’t worry, we can customize unique style for you. Follow me to learn about one perfect booth.

Outdoor coffee stand description

The style of this one outdoor coffee stand is very high-end. It is so standing out of the street kiosks. Besides, the coffee stand is very large 6*3m, so it looks very generous and offer people one amazing feeling. When people see it at the first time, it is spectacular for them. Let’s look at its structure. The outdoor coffee stand service area is open to welcome the consumers. The coffee stand also has the stairs. This brings you closer to your customers. At the eave, there are 4 big light boxes to show the coffee and coffee beans etc.. And at coffee booth right side, the signs are big stainless steel luminous type. And the surface of the drinks food kiosk has several thick solid wood strip. The front part is gray. The surface shows layering feeling.

outdoor coffee stand

Interior layout

The cafe snack kiosk has one big bar counter. You can make coffee and other foods at the back counter. And the front bar counter can accept customers. And they can sit on the chairs in front of the counter and enjoy coffee here. Your booth fulls with people can lead many consumers. And the back wall and bar counter surface decoration are all solid wood strip, which looks so natural and wonderful. On the wall, there are some shelves, which are not only for displaying the kitchenware but also are the decorations. And wall also hang the light box with poster. Some modern lamps are above the bar counter at ceiling. The lamps can show lighting atmosphere. In the shop, you can place the machines well.

coffee bar

Table & chairs

Near the coffee bar, it is very wise to place some tables and chairs for the consumers. Then they can enjoy the coffees and some meals freely. They can have a good time at your booth. Most of people like the booths with seats for them and you can also accept more customers.

Our service

We are professional on customizing and producing the business kiosks based on your needs. No matter what business you will do, we can meet your needs. More detailed business steps please contact us.

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