High-end Retail Hot Dog Truck Street Snack Trailer

It is no doubt that people love the foods very much.There are so many delicious foods in the world. And the hot dogs are among of them. It is a big chance for you to do retail hot dog business. When you go into the street retail business, you need to have one functional retail hot dog truck. It has to be meet your all cooking and vending needs.

Retail hot dog truck description

The hot dog truck we introduce today is very high-end and functional. First, it is the airstream style so its all corners are circular arc type. The airstream style originally looks high level and more beautiful. By the way, the retail hot dog truck applies colors well. The red color covers the sales window and extends to other sides. Other parts of the snack trailer is white. The color use is distinct hierarchy. We can also make other colors combinations if you like.

Retail hot dog truck


The retail food trailer is mobile type and its tow bar is useful for moving when you connect the car or tricycle. Normally, the traction system area can hold one big generator. Besides, the front head installs one external power supply. Some places offer electricity powers, then you can connect their electricity. The ventilation window is small at front-end. You can sell foods from two big sales window. The window doors can avoid the strong sunlight for you and consumers.

hot dog truck


One small range hood is at the another wall top. We set double axles wheels at the hot dog trailer bottom. And the silver edges are decorated into the wave shape to cover the wheels. Besides, the brackets are straight under the hot dog catering trailer bottom.

hot dog trailer

We make the door at the rear part, which is with durable lock. And the red reflective signs are above the tailing lights. The tailing lights are high visibility and we make them based on your country standard use.

food truck

More detail specification

Production process


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