High End Shawarma Cart Mobile Food Concession Stand to Qatar

Do you like Shawarma? Shawarma kiosks become popular in shopping malls and streets. No matter when you plan to start a business, a shawarma cart helps your business well. It’s good for both inside and outside looks. Here is a nice food concession stand sharing with you.

shawarma kiosk

Description of shawarma kiosk

In the design, we can see the shawarma kiosk is in black color with a white luminous logo on the countertop. There are wheels at the bottom so that the owner can push it to different locations if in need. Material is MDF with a matte glossy paint effect.

food kiosk

The layout of the food concession cart

This food kiosk consists of 3 individual parts. The middle counter with a light box logo on the top ceiling. Size is 1.5m long, 0.6m wide and 2m tall. We can also make it the same size as you want.

food concession stand

While the left return has a topping bar with a glass panel on the countertop. That uses as a sneeze guard to protect food. We can attach a light box painting on the side, it is good to show the menu and advertising posters. Size is 1.5m long, 0.6m wide and 1m tall.

mobile food cart

The ends also have an individual counter with a sneeze guard. It’s good to put machines to start a business. Size is 1.5m long by 0.5m wide and 1m tall. We can also customize the size and style according to your ideas.

food booth design

The back of the shawarma kiosk has lock cabinets with moveable shelving. That is convenient for work and can also protect items. Whenever you plan to open shawarma kiosk, contact us now and get more good design solutions!

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