High Grade Outdoor Makeup Kiosk Custom Street Cosmetic Stall

No matter what age stages, the girls like to makeup and do the face care regular.Most people have excellent makeup and skincare skills now but some don’t have enough cost to open the shop and shop decoration. At this time, the outdoor makeup kiosk is a good choice for you to start makeup business. It not only spend your less cost, but also can be with a customized decoration. Let’s take a look on how wonderful it is.

Outdoor makeup kiosk surface description

This one makeup kiosk is very high-end. Its frame all is chestnut color, which is rare and special. Besides, its all sides are glass door and window, which is very good. People can see your inside layout and moments. If you have customers in your makeup shop, they can see your skills directly. Besides, it can also attract some consumers. At the makeup kiosk top, it can show your shop name or creative logo. Then people can know your shop and remember when they want to go one day.

outdoor makeup kiosk


Supporting pillar: There is a big supporting pillar in the makeup kiosk middle. And the models posters are pasted on the pillar. Sometimes the posters can let people choose relevant makeup, it is a good decoration and guide. Besides, the pillar plays a big role on supporting for the whole kiosk.

Makeup station: There are 3 makeup station with mirrors against the pillar. And the mirrors are with lamps which can offer bright lights and a good atmosphere. The lamps near the mirrors can make people looks beautiful and enhance the effect of your makeup skills. What is more, one short bench with sink is for you to put something for use.

Reception desk: The reception desk in the outdoor makeup kiosk looks very high grade. It is also chestnut color and it shows the shop logo. The lights on the desk makes it very beautiful and attractive. People can feel they can have good service and respect from you.

outdoor makeup kiosk 2


1. Can I customize the outdoor retail kiosk?

Yes, we are a custom factory which can customize and offer design and production service.

2. What’s the timeline?

The design spends 2-4 working days.

Production needs 30-35 working days.

Shipping costs 35-30 days.

3. What’s the payment method?

EXW term. 50% deposit before production, 30% progress payment and 20% balance before shipping.

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