High Quality Blue Big Pizza Truck Street Snack Trailer

The pizza retailers can make many different tastes of such fast food. Pizza is most popular in any kind parties. It is because people can order relevant size of pizza according to their persons quantities. And pizza is a good food for many people to share with. Street foods are a new and profitable business trend. And pizza business is a good choice for you. Here is one big pizza truck to share you.

Big pizza truck description

The pizza truck is so large and its length has 5m, width2.2m. 3-5 persons can work inside the truck pizza, it has very wide working space. Even so many staffs inside it, the space is still enough and you can feel comfortable. The big pizza truck color is deep blue. The glossy surface is very smooth. And the galvanized steel decorates the cart frame edge and window edge. Some road warming signs are on the silver edge, which can be noticed by people who around it at night. who is The big pizza trailer has durable axle wheels at the chassis middle part. Two axles wheels can make the cart have more balance to keep stable. And It is more easier for you to pull such big food trailer.

big pizza truck

The tow bar is hard and strong for the big pizza truck. It is practical and safe when you connect the car and pull it on the road. What’s more, a big silver box is on the tow bar stably. The triangle area is useful for you to put some big or heavy things. The jacks are one of the pizza trailer important accessory under the chassis.

big pizza trailer

This sales window with sliding door is not big on the snack cart. It still has the relevant sunshade when you open the window. The consumers can be under it to avoid the strong sunshine or heavy rains. Besides, it can prevent sunshine and rains toward to the cart inside too. And one small bar counter is under the window and it can be put away. It is flexible and convenient when you work or need to move the big pizza truck.

snack trailer

The back side of the pizza catering truck has one door. And its tail lighting system design is different than regular style. They are designed on the cart edges. And it adds one shelf and one device on the door left side. One big air vent is put at the cart roof. No matter you need to make on the cart, we can design it for you.

food trailer


Here are several perspectives to show the big pizza truck inside layout. There are high quality working counters. And you can put all kinds kitchen machines inside to make the foods. We can offer you the machines, electric devices together. And in the fast food truck, the counters have many shelves for you to store the food materials or some working tools.

Different color

food truck


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