High Quality Outdoor Juice Kiosk Retail Teas Drinks Stall

Comparing with the bricks and mortar, the outdoor kiosk is more popular. People can use the outdoor kiosk to run different kinds of business, such as foods, drinks, daily commodities. The retails can spend less cost to get one perfect booth, because the kiosk can be customized with a good exterior and interior decoration and layout. It is more convenient and cost-effective than physical stores. Today, I introduce you one beautiful outdoor juice kiosk.

Outdoor juice kiosk

The juice kiosk is very high quality and high grade, which looks very textured. We can see the structure combines black and wooden color. They are so cool. We can see there is the sliding sales window in the middle and the exterior top has the spotlights. They can offer lights for the consumers. Besides, the small dining table under the window to hold the juices or fast foods sometimes for consumers. The middle counter surface is cement board. At the window left, the space is to show the luminous signage. The signage looks so beautiful and creative. Under the signage, it is the blackboard to show the colorful menu. You can draw different contents every day, which is so interesting. And the beautiful deep brown wooden board with several white lines decorates the right corner. At concession stand right, the door also has the signage and small wooden decoration.

outdoor juice kiosk

And outdoor juice kiosk left side also has the sliding window. This structure is the same as the front side sales window. Look at the back side, the surface decoration all is wooden board, and a little black board decorates one back corner. More bigger signage is at the back wall middle place. The kiosk bottom has 4 short support feet and it is convenient for you to use forklift to move it. The whole kiosk design looks so creative and every place is applied well.

outdoor juice kiosk 2


We can see the interior part of the street food stall from the top view. There is the L shape working counter which include one water sink. And you can put some relevant juices and fast food machines on the countertop. Every counter has storage cabinets, then you can have enough space to out something. What’s more, near the door, there is one display shelf for putting everything you want. The outdoor juice kiosk floor is wooden type too and match the style well.

outdoor food kiosk


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