High Quality Outdoor Pizza Kiosk Metal Fast Food Stall

Pizza is a good fast food in people’s daily meal. There are many pizza booths or pizza shops at the street or in the mall. But outdoor pizza kiosk can let you have more opportunities than mall kiosk. It is because you can find good busy place outdoor and save many rent costs. Next, I will show you one outdoor pizza kiosk.

Outdoor pizza kiosk description

The pizza kiosk type is shipping container metal material. And it is so durable and high quality to use for you. The outdoor pizza kiosk size is 2*1.5m which is small but it has complete and enough working space. Its color is black, but if you want other colors, we can paint it for you. The black kiosk looks modern. We can see the owner place some machines at the front counter. When people come to your pizza kiosk, they can be close to your foods and smell delicious tastes. It can catch people’s desire. Besides, the outdoor pizza kiosk has a dining bar at front side, and people can sit on the chairs. They can enjoy your foods at the stall and attract more customers to come to see what delicious food you sell. The sunshade can offer the cool shades and consumers can feel comfortable.

outdoor pizza stall

In the pizza kiosk, we can see the menu light boxes clearly are at the top from outside. And the display shelves are installed at the kiosk other wall. In this way, you can place something and save your storage space. Normally, we will equip the sink for you to use too. The lamps can offer the lights for you at night. You can put some decorations near the outdoor food kiosk. For example, here the green plants are at the food stall right side and a big signage at its left side. The big signage can show your promotion activities or your advertisement of the products. So charming it is!

outdoor pizza kiosk

Outdoor kiosk features

  1. Water-proof material
  2. Durable with long term life use
  3. Functional for many occasions use
  4. Favorable price

pizza kiosk

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