High Quality Park Waffle Kiosk Outdoor Food Stall

If you have retail business in the park, you will not only have many different potential customers but also can have the quiet and good environment. Foods are people the most basic needs wherever they are. But most people would like to eat some delicious fast foods to full their tummy. Today, we are going to share you one outdoor waffle kiosk. And you can learn about some features.

Outdoor waffle kiosk description

The outdoor waffle kiosk can be placed in the park. And here one picture is to show the facade. It has the pointy roof which is the same as the house building feature here. Such kind design is good for drain away the rains. What’s more, under the eave, there is beautiful and high quality iron pattern design, and it adds the texture to the park waffle kiosk. Two classical lanterns are hanged at the beam bar. It becomes decoration and also can offer much lighting to attract pass-by eyes. The outdoor food stand a half has the sliding door sales windows. People can buy foods from any one window. One big luminous signage is on the bottom wooden board at the front side. According to the design structure, people can know here is the frontage of the kiosk.

park waffle kiosk

Look at the perspective, we can see the back side of the food stand first. The door is with many colorful ice cream pattern stickers. And at its beside wall, colorful ice creams create one round shape, which is like the flower. The decorations can make the kiosk more beautiful and meaningful. It can show your expression of the kiosk, foods, brand concepts or promotion. The waffle kiosk right side two round light boxes to show waffle pictures and lighted logo on triangle black board. And its left side has one rectangle light box to show different foods, and logo is on different board. The details show the creative design and make the kiosk colorful and unique. People can see your foods and signs and know your food booth from kiosk every side.

park waffle kiosk 2


The kiosk mainly adopts black and wooden color to decorate the food stall surface. And its style is modern and high grade. More color combinations are optional freely.


About the frame, the material is metal. Other parts are plywood, man-made stone. For the surface, there are aluminum composite panel and fire-proof plate materials. These materials are weather-proof and very strong and high quality.


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