High Quality Street Coffee Kiosk Retail Modern Cafe Stall

Almost every person likes to drink coffee in the European countries. Coffee is a good leisure drinks. They can appear at many occasions, such as office, meeting, noon tea, and daily life. And the street coffee kiosk is very convenient for people’s life. The outdoor kiosks cost is affordable for most people. And they can start the business. If you would like one, we can provide professional help.

Street coffee kiosk description

The coffee kiosk structure is so cool and modern. Its has three colors elements. They are black, great wooden color and gray. The color matching looks very harmonious. The roof of the kiosk has two layers which can show layering feeling and design beauty. At the top, the clear 3D logo can show your brand and makes your food booth has a name. The consumers can think about your booth when they want to buy your coffee again. Under the roof, that is the selling area. The counter is gray for working area. The shelf with a special frame can hold your some coffee types, snacks and other things. And people can see your products from outside. At the beside, there is one black display stand to show stuffs too. And a menu is at the stand top. People can be clear about relevant product price.

street coffee kiosk

From another perspective, we can see the street coffee kiosk decoration. Its surface all is wood material. And such kind wooden board looks high grade. There is the round shape light box to show the brand sign near the door. And the door’s another side, it has the small window. And its place height is different from the light box, which can show level beauty. Besides, the door is with the locks and you can make the kiosk safe at night or the time you don’t work.

street cafe kiosk


The size of the street coffee kiosk is 4*2.2m. It is a normal and standard size. And we can make it into the whole. In this way, you don’t need to assemble it. Of course, the smaller and bigger size are available.

outdoor coffee stall

Design details

We offer professional 3D design with clear effect, modification and construction drawing. Design fee is 300USD and time spends about 2-4 working days.


After you confirm the design and have a deal with us, we will produce the kiosk for you. The normal time costs about 30-35 working days. Out of website from here.

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