High Quality Street Coffee Stall Practical Juices Beverages Kiosk

Most people like to drink freshly brewed coffee. But they don’t have so much time to make it at home or it is too much trouble for them. So people prefer to buy coffee at the outside booth, especially when they go to work. They can buy and take to company conveniently. People have more and more needs of drinking coffee, the street coffee stall are more and more popular by retailers.

Street coffee stall description

Here is one high quality and wonderful street coffee stall. Its size is 2.2*2.2m but exactly just right for the coffee business. The coffee stall color is black with wooden color together. Its top has fake green grasses decoration, which makes the booth full with life and energy. The following is the signage, which shows the booth brand or name. Then people can know the booth business and call the booth name easily when they talk about. The middle part is the sales window and bottom part has some lines decoration. One lattice has the lamp decoration, which is a great ornament. Besides, a floor stand signage is near the street coffee stall. It can show the information to people. And real green plants decoration at food kiosk beside can let people feel good.

street coffee stall

From another direction, we can see there are more decorations on the coffee kiosk. The coffee kiosk other sides have several wooden frames. And the top part frame is with the blackboards. You can draw or write everything on it to show the brand or booth concepts. The middle area has two box to hold the real grasses. These parts are beautiful.

street food stall 2


The inside counters space is suitable for your coffee machines. And it still has relevant storage cabinets and some display shelves. You can put something for convenient working. A long and big menu sign is at the outdoor food stand top. People can see it clearly. Besides, the wall still has the blackboards. You can record something on it. One small board is also on the cashier register area. Such more decorations makes the stall more fancy. And its sunshade inside part hangs several lamps decorations, and the lighting is warm. It fits the stall style.


This one street coffee stall main materials has metal, plywood, aluminum plastic panel, and solid wood decoration etc.. To make the outdoor food kiosks, the requirements of the materials normally are very high. It has to be weather-proof and make the kiosk with relevant weights and durable in bad weather environment.

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