High Quality Wooden Snack Stall Street Food Booth

A wooden snack stall can support retailers’ business well as it is affordable. It is accessible to small business owners. We can customize it to fit the retailer’s branding and product needs. Additionally, its rustic appearance and natural materials can attract customers who appreciate eco-friendly and handmade products.

Wooden snack stall description

The wooden snack stall is a beautiful design and highly functional structure And it is perfect for selling snacks and refreshments of all kinds. The exterior of the stall is styled entirely in wood. That can give it a natural and rustic appearance that is perfectly suited for outdoor markets, festivals, and other events.

The main decoration on the exterior of the stall is wooden strips. Besides, We arrange it in a decorative pattern to create an eye-catching design that draws attention to the stall. The wooden strips are with a rich, dark brown color that complements the natural wood grain. Besides, it gives the outdoor food booth a warm and inviting feel.

wooden snack stall

The stall features one small sales window with a canopy. And it is with one handle that can be for opening or closing the window from outside. The window front side has a wooden bar counter that is perfect for displaying menu items and for taking orders from customers. A menu board is near the window, making it easy for customers to place their orders.

The top of the facade is in black. And it provides a dramatic contrast to the warm, natural wood tones of the rest of the structure. One round light box logo is at the top left side of the facade. In addition, it provides additional visibility for the stall and helps to attract customers.

outdoor food stall

Interior design

At the back of the street food kiosk, there is a door that provides access to the interior. Inside the stall, the walls are fitted with display shelves that are perfect for holding snacks and other small items. We install shelves on wall to take full advantage of the available space and to create an attractive and organized display.

You can place cashier register on front counter, making it easy for customers to pay for their purchases. The working counters are with cabinets and one small sink inside. That provides additional storage space and makes it easy to prepare food and beverages.

street food kiosk

The walls, floor, and ceiling of the stall are with decoration and  with high-quality materials. Besides, that give the structure a polished and professional look. We install lamps inside the stall, which provides additional lighting and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers.


Overall, whether you are looking for a stylish and practical addition to your outdoor market or festival, or you simply want to create a stunning and eye-catching display for your snacks and refreshments, this wooden snack stall is the perfect choice.

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