Hot Selling Outdoor Coffee Bar Street Modern Coffee Kiosk

Coffee can be found everywhere in our life. Even the competitive in market is big, but your coffee business can be always popular. It is because it has wide range of consumers. Are you still upset that you want to sell coffee without shop decoration cost and high rent? The outdoor coffee bar can solve your trouble.Why? It is affordable, muti-functional and durable for you.

Outdoor coffee bar description

The coffee bar offers people a very straight vision. Its style is modern and fit the coffee atmosphere, because its wooden color is similar with the coffee. The outdoor coffee bar has 3 wall and only leave a big side as sales ares towards to people. Then people who pass the cafe and can see the its a whole design. When you open the kiosk, the roller shutter doors are hidden at the top. The doors can keep the whole coffee bar safe. In addition to wooden color, its still has black part, which can highlight wood color.

Outdoor coffee bar

At the outdoor coffee bar, there is the wooden laminate decoration. Besides, the white logo and coffee cup pattern are at the top two sides. The logo place is just right which looks good. The logo is big, simple and clear and people know the coffee booth directly. It is very easy for people to find the bar. At the front side, there are the bar counter counters. The counter with wood laminate which corresponds to the top part. Besides, the counters have the white countertop decoration which have line aesthetic feeling and show the outline. There is the coffee machine, display freezer, cashier register from left to right side. Besides, the posters on two opposite walls full with the coffee cup pattern and coffee letters. It is a good decoration to show the coffee theme.

outdoor coffee bar

Internal part

About the back wall, its layout is good design too. The wall top shows the clear menu information. When people order the coffee type or some other food, they can see the top or the menu pamphlet. Besides, a big floor refrigerator is at the food kiosk right side and two thirds of the place is for the display shelf. What’s more, the coffee ceiling has a beautiful decoration with several lamps, and we also deal with the floor design well.

outdoor coffee bar 3

The big display shelf is another kind wooden color, which looks high-end. The display shelf layout is wonderful. You can put more machines on its counter. The sink is on counter left side. Besides, one end of the shelf also leaves the space for the equipment and fit perfectly with them . The display shelf top and bottom all have the storage. Then you can put many things.


The dimension is 5*2.2m. Normally, 2.2m is very suitable for a whole kiosk, because it needs to be suitable for the shipping container. If the width is over 2.2m, the outdoor kiosks need to be made into assemble parts.

If you are interested in the outdoor coffee kiosk, please contact us to learn more details. Out of website from here.

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