Hot Selling Street Kitchen Trailer Black Mobile Snack Truck

The mobile street kitchen trailer integrates the functions of the fast food making, baking, ice cream making, bubble tea making, cold drinks, snacks display etc.. It can be involved and combined such many different booths in busy popular places. You can sell what you want. The kitchen trailers we made is multi-functional with a good design. It is very convenient for your business.

Street kitchen trailer description

The main cart body color is black, which looks mysterious and solemn. But its top is white. The top part corners are round curved shape, which makes the street kitchen trailer more nice-looking. The sales window door edges are silver galvanizing material. On this black background, it is the decoration of beautiful lines here. We can also see that double axles of the wheels at chassis. No matter you want single or double type, it is okay for the small trailers. For more bigger cart body, the double type is more better. We can offer diamond, straight or slant shape brackets for the food trailer.

Street kitchen trailer

When you open the sales window, the inside part still have the sliding door windows. It is double protection security for the mobile snack truck. What’s more, the front-end also has big ventilated window. You can get enough lights fresh airs from these windows. You won’t feel stuffy in the retail kitchen trailer. The triangle tow bar is with guide wheel and car connecting iron chains. Besides, the entry door is made at the front end. So the tow bar bottom part is flat and you can walk on it into the trailer. Near the door, there is external power supply device. The rear side also has the enough big sales window. What’s more, the normal basic tailing lights system under the window.

mobile kitchen trailer

food trailer

Interior design

The catering trailer inside wall also has a good decoration. We can make it with tile for you. To make it glossy and easy to be clean for you. In addition, the stainless counters are with sinks. When you put machines on counters, you can make foods and starting selling to people. In the food truck, the working counters also have the storage cabinets and shelves. The roof hangs the lamps and wall has the sockets, switches. We offer non-slip floors with drain.

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