Individualized Baked Potato Cart Retail Fried Potato Snack Trolley

The potatoes belongs to one grain and it can be as main material of many fast foods. Some people also can make it as delicious fast foods, such as roasting potatoes, French fries, baked potatoes. And many people are sure to buy delicious potatoes from who is good at making. If you want to sell it, you just need one kiosk or cart to start. We have one Baked potato cart share with you for reference.

Baked potato cart description

You can make the delicious potato snacks at this cart. Its style is very individual because we design it to match the potato theme. The canopy and some poster are all the potatoes. They decorate the baked potato cart in different types, such as rectangle poster and round light boxes signs. Besides, the white logo is also on the cart.

baked potato kiosk

According to the product you sell, we choose the wooden color to fit potato style. And the cart body material is wooden strips in order to better bring out the theme of natural health and green food. In this way, people will be affected by your concepts and more prefer to buy potatoes from you.

Baked potato cart

We perfectly combine the cart with machine together to make the whole effect. And according to your machine size, we can make a good layout with suitable size. What’s more, the cart and machine are with universal wheels and you can push freely.

retail cart

Near the machine, there is one brown cabinet with 3 layers drawers in ladder shape. It shows design beauty of the layering feelings. The pillars are fixed on the cart wooden strip and it is very strong and can bear strong winds. Such one food stand can let you do the flexible business.

mobile food cart3D design

We not only can make the design to fit the style of beauty but also can make it functional in life. It can be combined beauty and functions to meet your needs. Welcome to let us to customize the cart, kiosk or shop furniture for you.

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