Large Mobile Ice Cream Truck Romantic Smoothie Juices Trailer

The young people and children like to have ice cream in the hot day very much. And ice cream can have different tastes and shapes now. People are very happy about this. Almost snack stalls sell the ice cream because it is popular in the hot season. How to start your own business of ice cream? We can offer you a fantastic mobile ice cream truck.

Mobile ice cream truck description

The ice cream truck in our eyes is so beautiful with the bright and fresh colors. First, we can know the ice cream truck surface is pink sticker with bright red rose flowers decoration. And the big sunshade is also bright red which corresponds to red roses. Such colors and decoration looks so beautiful and romantic. The sunshade can stretch and shrink by you. Besides, the mobile ice cream truck frames are sliver with some patterns and makes it high-end. We can see the ice cream truck has two axles wheels to support such big cart body. It is more beautiful enough than the single axle wheels here. And the mobile ice cream trailer has a good window layout. On the same side, the big sales window is in the middle, and two sides are small one. Besides, they are not at the same level, which shows layering feelings.

mobile ice cream truck

The front side also has the window. More windows can let you feel comfortable inside the mobile ice cream truck, because they can be ventilated. What’s more, all windows has the relevant protective frame and glass, they are sliding. Here we can also see it has a durable tow bar to connect the food trailer. It still can bear the air conditioner device or other some heavy equipment weights. The window sunshade can help the air conditioner device to keep out of the rains and sunshine. And the outside has the power supply, you can charge it.

ice cream trailer

We can see more two sides of the ice cream trailer. Another side still has the beautiful sticker decoration. And the back side has the door device. To design the door at back side is very good, and it is good for to make a good layout for the internal part. The back side also has the standard turn lighting system. It can be your country standard.

ice cream van


The mobile ice cream trailer inside has many stainless steel counters with storage shelves, and display shelves. Besides, the equipment is also important for the layout. We will leave suitable space for putting the machines. We can also offer some kitchen machines, tools, sink system. And the electric devices. The ceiling has the bright lamps and floor is non-slip with drains. The layout also can be designed based on your requirements.



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