Large Mobile Pizza Trailer Custom Fast Food Truck

As we all know, the fast pace of work and life makes more and more people reluctant to spend time on cooking. Then the pizza is their best choice. It is because you can choose the pizza size, tastes. And the pizza can be divided many pieces for several to eat. It becomes people’s staple food. Then the pizza street business is very busy and popular. Next, I show you one mobile pizza trailer details.

Mobile pizza trailer description

Our first impression on this one pizza trailer must is its size. It is really very big and can hold about 4-6 persons inside to work. The mobile pizza trailer color is yellow and its edges are black, which is also the classic and nice color matching. We found that the surface layout is like a cartoon face. Let’s take a look. It divides two big sales window. And the windows are with sliding glass baffles which can add more protection. Here is like the eyes. Between the windows, there are black lines to make partition, which can show the lines beauty and it is like the nose. To support the big cart body, it applies double axles wheels and the wheels has the shell to prevent the mud. Here is like mouth. And 4 lifting jacks are at the cart bottom 4 corners, which is like arm and feet.

mobile pizza trailer

What is more, from this direction, we can see the sunshade is like the eyelashes of the eyes, which is so vivid. The sunshade can help you keep out of the rain and strong sunshine well. People can stand at the cool place to wait for their fast foods. Here is common window design but it is very useful indeed for the food trucks.

mobile food truck

Look at the front side, the tow bar can hold such big device and two buckets. It is so strong. You can put the air conditioner device if you install it. Besides, the mobile food trailer front head normally installs the power supply for you.

mobile food trailer 2

Here the back side part is big ventilation window, not door. It is different from other common design. The door is at another side of the trailer. At the back part, it still has the turn lights signs for safety. And it is the most basic configuration.

mobile pizza trailer 3

Inner layout

The retail food van inside space is also big and suitable for putting the stainless steel counters at two sides. The working table has the shelves and cabinet for putting something. Besides, you can see the back side counter, it can holds many different kitchen equipment for you to cook fast foods. We can also put some machines such as refrigerator under the counter or the pizza trailer insider corner ares. We also offer water sinks and hand wash sinks. About the floor, it has non-slip grains and with a water drain for you to clean easily. In the food cart, all electric device has safe deal for you to use.

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