Large Outdoor Pizza Stall Custom Snack Booth Design

If you set one booth at the outdoor to sell pizza, your can make good business. Pizza is one popular and delicious fast food for people. And outdoor is one very good location to reduce the big shop renting cost and decoration cost. The outdoor pizza stall can be customized to any style with a good decoration. It is beautiful the same as the restaurant. If you want to have one pizza booth, please learn about our this one sample.

Outdoor pizza stall description

This is one very big pizza stall which is placed at the outdoor places. Two third parts of the stall external place are with red decoration sticker with the booth name. 1 third area are the wooden type decoration. At the facade, the clear logo are near the sales window. And we hang one pizza poster light box on the wooden area. Normally, the picture is very vivid in people’s eyes and reflect the information to them and inspire their desires. The sales window is wide with roller shutter door. One big canopy is red at the roof above selling area. No matter what weather it is, you can open the canopy as shield. Besides, the pizza snack kiosk door is at its left side. The door has durable hardware lock with keys.

Outdoor pizza stall

At the back wall of outdoor pizza stall, there are many different pizza pictures. And at the beside, we can see one big pizza sign. All are decorations for the booth. And they are important information too. They can lead people to your shop to buy pizza. People also can have a good impression on your fast food booth design.

Outdoor pizza kiosk


Interior layout

In the pizza food stand, the front and back area, we make the working counters. The counters surface can have the decoration as what you like. At the selling window area, there is the logo on counter too. What’s more, the working counters have the spaces for big floor standing equipment. And they also have the shelves, cabinets or drawers for holding something. In the right area, it is another working area for making foods. It has the water sink, counters and small refrigerator. At the area, there is also one sliding door. In addition, the floor is durable and high quality wooden style. The lamps are also one important part for the kiosk. We offer relevant electricity devices for normal working operation.

pizza kiosk

How to order

The first step is to make one 3D design to meet your needs on sizes, equipment layout and structure first. After you confirm final design, we will offer detailed quotation and make a cooperation with you on production. The standard design fee is 300USD which includes modification and technology drawing.


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