Latest Outdoor Boba Tea Kiosk Street Bubble Tea Booth

A good outdoor boba tea kiosk can attract customers and increase sales. It provides a convenient and accessible way for people to purchase their favorite drink. A well-designed kiosk can also create a positive impression and enhance the overall experience for customers. It can differentiate your business from competitors and help to build a loyal customer base.

Outdoor boba tea kiosk description

The outdoor boba tea kiosk is a charming and inviting space that combines feminine white and pink color combination. It combines simple and young design elements. The kiosk’s facade is decorated with textured lines that give the surface a strong and three-dimensional feel. The top middle of the facade is adorned with a round light box logo. And it adds a touch of romance to the overall design.

The kiosk features two sales windows that have a pink frame and a canopy with supporting rods. The windows also have a small bar counter that allows customers to order their favorite boba tea easily. The facade window is also to display some of the hot selling boba teas. It is with attractive signage and slogans that grab people’s attention.

One side of the food kiosk has a door, which provides easy access to the indoor working counters. The indoor space is customizable to suit different retail business. And it needs and can accommodate professional and reasonable layouts, colors, logos, and sizes. The working counters are well-lit with ceiling lamps that provide an ample amount of lighting for staff to work efficiently.

outdoor boba tea kiosk

The kiosk’s outdoor space is also to accommodate customers who want to enjoy their boba tea while sitting down. The drinks snack stall features chairs and a small table area that is perfect for people to relax and enjoy their drinks. The floor stand advertisement sign is strategically placed to show people the different boba teas available and their respective prices.

The kiosk also features green plants that you can place it on the right side of the space. And it adds an active and vivid element to the design. The plants help to create a refreshing atmosphere that makes the space more inviting and welcoming.


In conclusion, the outdoor boba tea kiosk is a professional and high-quality retail space that supports retail businesses with good services. The kiosk’s design is customizable, and it features attractive design elements that create a fresh and romantic ambiance. The kiosk also features outdoor seating, indoor counters, and green plants that make the space more inviting, comfortable, and enjoyable.

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