Lovely Gelato Ice Cream Cart Creative Unique Snack Food Cart

No matter for the shop or retail booth, there are two factors attracting customers. One is that the good products or delicious foods. Another one is that the shop and booth design. Sometimes, the decoration of the booth can affect the initial consumers’ impression. If you have a great and attractive booth decoration, you can be outstanding from the retail booths. Follow me to see one ice cream cart style with details. You will love it especially after learning about it.

Ice cream cart description

The ice cream cart is so lovely, delicate and cute. The first effect into our eyes is that colors. We use light and fresh blue green, pink and white colors. This color combination can match your business theme. The colors can make people feel the summer atmosphere. Second is the booth shape which is like the high-end and cute cart but it has one fixed wall at back side. And its wheels are fixed too, which is decoration only and can’t be moved. People will desire to buy your ice creams when they see such wonderful cart design.

Ice cream cart

To see the whole structure, the ice cream round wavy lines and radians are so smooth and creative especially the eave part. People can fee it is the nice shop rather than just one simple vendor. There is the L shape counter for the cart. At the front side, there is the space for putting cashier register. And the middle place is the freezer to display ice creams. Consumers can see ice creams directly from the booth. Besides, the other side counter is with storage space. You can also display some snacks on countertop, because it has many spaces.

ice cream stand

In addition, on the back wall, we place the white clear acrylic logo in the middle area. It can show your brand sign and let people can think of you easily. And the ceiling has lovely lamp decorations. It can make your booth display bright with relevant lighting effects. If you also need the floor to hold the cart, we can customize the floor.

ice cream booth


According to the cart shape and structure, the material needs to be MDF. It is because this kind material is easy and suitable to be made the radians and special structures. And its surface is baking paint workmanship. For some other complex structure, other materials are not suitable. You can place the ice cream cart indoor, or outdoor but must be under the canopy due to MDF material. This kind material is not suitable to face the rains or waters.

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