Mall rose with top chocolate bread snack retail display kiosk for sale

Circular retail display case

In the open area of the shopping mall, there is a particularly striking rose red round chocolate candy booth display. This circular chocolate candy retail kiosk is like a magic candy world, it is cleverly divided into three parts. A third of the area has been carefully designed as a bar. The bar has smooth lines and presents an elegant posture. The counter tops are the same glossy rose red as the kiosk. Outside the bar, a few high chairs are placed neatly, where customers can take a break.

Display case details

The other third is an open display case. This is a very creative design, the stepped counter is cleverly divided into several areas from top to bottom. Each area is like a small stage on which chocolate candies can display their charm. The display platform was dark black, as dark as the night sky. It makes the chocolate candy set off on it even more attractive. The black and rose colors complement each other, creating an atmosphere that is both warm and mysterious. Every kind of chocolate candy in this background is particularly delicate. They either have a glossy appearance or a unique shape that makes people want to buy them.Clink here learn more chocolate kiosk information.

More details

The rest of the area is blocked by transparent glass, forming a relatively independent space. In this space, there are various kinds of bread and small cakes. Through the transparent glass, you can clearly see the shape of the bread cake. Some of them are small and exquisite, some of them are cute, and some of them are emitting attractive aromas. These small bread cakes, together with chocolate candies, constitute a colorful food world. So that every customer who comes here can find their favorite delicious food. Above the candy kiosk , there is a black ceiling. The suspended ceiling is like a peaceful night sky, adding a calm and atmosphere to the whole pavilion. Above the ceiling hung the logo of the exhibition pavilion, the bold gold logo stood out against the black background. Even from a distance, the sign is clearly visible, making it easy to find this unique candy kiosk.

Candy land

Approaching this rose-red round chocolate candy booth, it seems to step into a dreamlike world. The rose red pavilion exudes enthusiasm and vitality, which makes people’s mood become pleasant. At the bar, customers can sit in high chairs. While eating chocolate candy bread, while talking with friends. In front of the display case, people were attracted by those exquisite chocolate candies, and they carefully chose their favorite flavors. The area of bread and small cakes also attracts the attention of many customers.

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This cute little rose-red round chocolate candy snack kiosk. It attracts not only children but also adults. A nice display booth can attract a lot of customers to attract a lot of business for the boss. So if you want to start a snack display business, be sure to customize a beautiful display booth. Although this may seem costly in the early stages, in the long run it is a worthwhile investment. We have more than ten years of experience in custom display cases and have made hundreds of sets of various display cases for customers all over the world. So before you are ready to start a business, you may wish to contact us to customize your own display case.

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