Metal Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Restaurant Design in Saudi Arabia

The outdoor coffee kiosk is a good business idea for starters. Because coffee is a very popular beverage, nearly everyone likes coffee because of its special taste. There are high-end coffee shops, attractive coffee stall, and concession food stand in the street. It’s necessary to choose an attractive and useful outdoor coffee kiosk, that helps you gain more clients and promotes a brand theme.

outdoor coffee kiosk

Outdoor cafe booth design

As we can see in the design, this cafe booth uses metal tubes along with tempered glass to build the kiosk. That makes the coffee trailer kiosk looks special and attractive. It is fit for a large location outside, like 10m by 4m. Whatever size you need, you can find a good outdoor coffee kiosk solution here.

cafe shop design

Introduction of the outdoor coffee kiosk

This outdoor coffee kiosk looks like a large food restaurant outside. It includes a service counter, brand logo wall, a dining table with chairs, a kitchen room counter, etc. According to the owner’s requirements, we divide the coffee kisok into 3 parts. The entrance door is set in the middle area, that faces the reception counter. So that you can serve clients for the first time.

street food kiosk

Layout information

The seating area includes a bar counter, dining table, chairs, and sofa. We can set them in a suitable location, remember to reserve enough room for a walk. Don’t forget to make the kitchen room individually, equipment, and working counters set here for better usage. Kitchen with staff access and fire exits.


food restaurant counter

Business logo attached to the counter and back wall, that reminds people of your company theme. Advertising posters and menus guide people to remind poeple of business. View more outdoor kiosks here.

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