Metal Street Fast Food Booth Large Food Kiosk Design

The outdoor place is a big opportunity for many retailers to do their business. It is because they can choose any places freely. And they can have big consumer group. And they can customize any styles of the street fast food booth they want. No matter what structure or shape, size or color you want, we can do customization of the booth for you.

Street fast food booth outside structure

Here is one our novel street fast food booth. Its structure is metal with some irregular frame. We can see the metal is very strong and looks very industry style. And inside part has the high quality glass as the wall and door. In this way, it can keep out of the rains and snows. If the kiosk towards to the sun, we can help you assemble the curtains inside to avoid the strong sunshine. From the facade, we can see the inside part directly, which can inspire people’s curiosity to come into the shop. The glass door is big to welcome the consumers.

Street fast food booth

outdoor food kiosk

Interior design

The interior design plays one important role. When people come into the food stall booth, they will feel the interior atmosphere and environment firstly. Good atmosphere and clean environment can increase the your shop grades. Then you can attract more consumers.

Working counter

Here is the main fast food working area. The counters are gray and it has space for you to put one freezer at right corner. And its surface can also show lighting logo. When people order the fast foods from here. The working counter also includes the water sink and you can place the cashier counter on the front side. The countertop is black quartz stone. The working counters has enough space for you to make foods.

Image wall

The wall behind the counter is white but with many irregular wooden strips decoration which extends to the ceiling. Then the spotlights are assembled at the back side to shine the back counter area. Front side has several modern and beautiful lamps.

shop bar counter

Chairs and tables

For such big outdoor food stand, the chairs and tables are necessary for people. Then they can eat your meal and enjoy their time in your shop freely. The desks are and chairs are placed along the street fast food booth wall and some empty areas. The booth can receive many people.


What’s more, in the food kiosk, there are one restroom. It is very convenient for people to use the restroom. All basic facilities are complete in the shop. Your shop will have more advantages than other outdoor shops.

outdoor food stall



The street fast food booth size is 10*4m. It is very big indeed. So its area can have a good layout design. No matter what size you like, we can make it for you.


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