Mini Park Food Kiosk Retail Street Snack Stall Design

You can choose many outdoor places or occasions as the business location. The park is a good location too, because the park environment is very comfortable with good environments. Normally, the park has many green plants, flowers, and air is very fresh. The most important is that many people have fun in the parks. It is a big business profits chance. If you sell foods, you need one park food kiosk.

Park food kiosk description

This is one small food booth in the park. Its design looks simple but with a little special features. The whole park food kiosk surface is black board with the lines. And the corners with edges are curved with a little radian. And at the roof, normally it is the place for putting the logo. The sign letters are black and the background is yellow. The sign can express the main information to people. You can show your name or business. It is hanged at stably. When you open the window door you can hold it up as the canopy. It is the basic configuration. In this way, the sunlight can’t shine into your booth directly. And you can feel pleasantly cool in the food stall. It can also keep out of the rain. The function is the same as the eave.

Park food kiosk

Two sides of the snack kiosk wall can be made of the wooden board or stone materials.  The door is at the booth right side but it can also be made at the back part. Normally the door is very strong and durable with safe lock. You can close the booth well after off working at night or the day you don’t work. If you want to make some decorations on kiosk which makes it more rich, we can customize it.

outdoor food kiosk


The park food stand size is 2.4*1.8m. The size is mini but we can customize your booth size. For the whole one, the size width can’t be over 2.2m. For the detachable one, the size can be more bigger as what you want.

outdoor kiosk

3D design service

If you want one more bigger and unique outdoor kiosk style, we can customize the kiosks to meet your ideas. In addition, the design costs 300USD and includes modification and construction drawing. What’s more, we just need to spend 2-4 working days to finish the initial design.

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