Mini small cake trailer street food booth direct manufacturer

This is a mini cake trailer we just finished sharing with you. See this street food trailer, it is all black in color, and the front, back and right side all has a logo. Its front is a big flap door, when open it will be used as sale window, people can order and pay here. There has a cake display fridge on both the left and right sides of the counter. On the back side is a work counter with 2 stainless steel sinks on it. On the wall has a stainless steel shelf to store some stuff. The left side has a small window, the right side is the entrance door. Though this trailer is very small, it is very functional. Because it is small, it is not heavy. You use a small truck will move it. And its cost is negligible.

small food trailer

Basic info about this cake trailer

street cake trailer

Size: 2.2m by 2m, height is 2m

Color: black(different colors are available)

Materials used: durable steel with black and white paint, stainless steel work counters

Items included: logos, stainless steel shelves, sockets, lamps, stainless steel sinks

Production time: 20-22 work days after order confirmed

Shipping: will ship it one whole piece using a shipping container

fast food trailer

How to order a small food trailer from Myfoodkiosk?

outdoor food booth

  1. It would help if you discussed with us, and told us your needs. We will create a design plan for your trailer and send you a check.
  2. After you checked the design ok we will do a detailed drawing
  3. Then we will follow the final design and check the exact price for you, you can arrange a 50% deposit, and we will start production for you. The rest 50% balance can arrange when production finished
  4. We will pack it one whole piece and load it for you


In Myfoodkiosk, you will find different kinds of food trailers, ice-cream trailers, coffee trailers, candy trailers, fast food trailers etc. Welcome to contact us to get a detailed quotation!

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