Mobile Big Pizza Trailer Black Hamburger Snack Truck

Pizza, hamburger, fried French, roast chicken etc.. all is people’s favorite fast foods. At outside, there are many shops in the mall and street. And the street food trailers are one kind popular business trend. People can do business at free time, and the such kind business is with a big flow, which is very good for people’s life and economic. I will talk one big pizza trailer details to you today.

Big pizza trailer description

The pizza trailer size is big and about 4 persons can work in the booth together.It has a big space. Look at the frame of the big pizza trailer, it’s silver galvanized material and the cart body main surface is black. The silver galvanization decorates the edge and window frame, which looks more high grade. There are two different size sales windows. It can be opened when you work. Under the windows, there are two different fast foods patterns with logo. The pattern is white and they are highlighted on the black cart body. Take a view on the structure, at the sales window side, there are two bright lamps at the top two corners. The lamps can make this area very bright at night. And you can put some seating with tables near the pizza food trailer, then people can enjoy their meals freely.

big pizza trailer

What’s more, the front side also has the lamp at the top. And one square ventilation window is in the middle. We can see the tow bar is “A” shape and its middle has two cross-bars. The tow bar can hold something for you. Please don’t worry about the load capacity, it is very strong and durable. And the tow bar also has the basic device guide wheel and brake system. It is helpful and useful when you pull the big pizza trailer by car.

big pizza trailer 2
Another view

In addition, we can see one kitchen machine at the roof of the food truck from this side clearly. It is big, and if you have relevant machine requirement, we will offer. A this side of the pizza truck, it also has the big food pattern with signage which shows to people. It is one simple and good decoration. If without it, the pizza trailer will be colourless. So decoration can offer you the good grade. You can move the food to the places you like because it is high quality double axles wheels. And the jacks at the 4 corners are also durable to support the cart.

big pizza trailer 3

At the rear of the food cart top, it also has the lamp for lighting. At the people activity place, it can shine big area and convenient for people’s activity and people can take care to keep safe at night. The door is with the handle and lock, you can pull or lock it easily and conveniently. The tail lights and triangle warning sign are at the trailer rear two sides.


Let’s look at the interior decoration of the large snack trailer. Its two sides has the stainless steel working counters. The counters can hold the water sink together and some large fridges are under the counter. The space is taken good use reasonably. The middle space for staffs is also big and comfortable. Big kitchen range hood equipment is hanged at the wall and others can be on the counter. The ceiling is glossy and floor is non-slip. And the electric sockets, cable box, switch, lights all at the suitable place for you to use.

More views

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