Mobile Customized Pizza Trailer Street Fast Food Truck Design

Pizza can have many different tastes and types. For a simple group dinner or a delicious midnight snack, pizza is a must-order staple. People love to eat pizza very much. Sometimes, people at the street and they will buy the pizza to eat directly or take it home. A multi-functional trailer can help you start pizza business well.

Pizza trailer description

This is a white pizza trailer but it is with many logos. Then the pizza trailer looks colorful and creative to meet the food theme. People can buy the pizza and some food from the big sales window. And they also can the clean working area directly and rest assured to buy the food. One bar at the window is for holding some cooked pizzas and wait for people to take their food.

pizza trailer

The window has the creative poster to show your booth concepts, promotion pictures or logo. When you close the window, people can see what you want to express. Other two sides of the trailer also have the arch shape window and the owner won’t feel stuffy and they can also look around outside. The door is at the rear. And two kinds warning lights at door two sides. In addition, the classics structure has galvanized square tubes with 4 lifting jacks, which makes the trailer more stable and well-knit.

pizza trailer surface

Besides, the LED light strips can be around the trailer frames and the window inside, when you work at night, the trailer is very bright and eye-catching to lead some people to buy foods. And the lights color can be changed what you prefer. The lights makes the trailer with some warm atmosphere.

Food truck layout

Water cycle system: The sink can be single pool, double pool or 3 pools. It depends on your needs. The sink can be with 3kw cold/hot water tag, water pump, 2*25L plastic water tanks and 1 water floor drain.

Electric system: There are 4or 6m wires, cable box, several sockets, connectors, switch, transformer. They are complete for you to use your machines and other equipment.

Working area

The inside counters are made of stainless steel. The counters have many cabinets for you to put your food materials and other tools. You can put some small food machines on the counter for you to work conveniently. The lamps are at the ceiling to make your operation area more bright. Besides, the floor is non-slip aluminum material with a drain. When you sweep the floor, it will be very easy and clean.

pizza trailer layout


Customer feedback

The customer use the pizza trailer to run the business well. They choose a cool and good place to be the selling spot. There are many people lined up for pizza. And owners put the menu and hot selling food signage at trailer beside. Then people can order the food.

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pizza trailer feedback

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