Mobile Fast Food Cart Yellow Hot Dog Trailer for Sale

Do you like to eat hot dogs? Hot dogs are one of the popular fast food. It gives poeple energy to work and drive away hungry. It’s a good idea to open a hot dog trailer in the street. You can drive it to different locations in a car so that you can meet lots of people and gain more business. No matter when you plan to start, don’t miss this big food concession trailer.

mobile trailer

Hot dog trailer design

This hot dog trailer size is 400*200*220 cm, that’s good to use to sell fast food and drinks in the street. And you can arrange display counters, beverage machines, and maneu in a suitable area. This hot dog trailer has wheels at the bottom.

fast food trailer

The tractor is also equipped with wheels for easy movement and improved stability. Remember to lower the jacks around the trailer while working to avoid uneven ground causing the car to move

BBQ trailer

Hot dog trailer decoration

This hot dog trailer mainly uses yellow color to decorate it, which highly matches the color of your product. It can also appeal to clients at first eyesight. We can attach the business logo, and advert to the food cart body. 2 sales windows are set in the front, and poeple view you and buy food here easily. Doors open at one side for employees or the owner enter to the hot dog trailer.

mobile hot dog kiosk

Layout information

Thre are display counters and a working table inside the food trailer. The main material is stainless steel, which is easy to use and can bear changeable weather outdoors. The ceiling light attaches to the middle area so that it makes the hot dog trailer outstanding and attractive. Non-slip floors, sinks, wires, and sockets are standard in mobile hot dog kiosks. Contact us if you have different ideas, and we can make them based on your needs.

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