Mobile Food Shop Design Outdoor Candy Trailer to the USA

Candy trailers are widely used in any public place for sweet food and candy processing and sale. It’s easy to move and fix in a location to start a candy business, you can also use it to sell food and snack. AC helps the candy trailer maintain temperature, which is comfortable in hot summer and cold winter. Today, I want to share a nice candy trailer, aiming to help you purchase the perfect candy trailer for business.

Candy tralier

Description of candy trailer

This food trailer is in white, which is brilliant in the street because it can reflect lights. To enhance the brand theme and get an attractive effect, we can make it a pink, red or blue color. So that clients can notice you from distance.

candy cart

Standard equipment for candy trailer:

  • Work counters with display shelf
  • Water sink with the pipe. If you are far away from the water supply, so adding a water system inside the candy trailer, that includes a water pump, learn water tank, and waste water tank

mobile food tailer

  • Nonslip aluminum floor decoration
  • Glass display showcase if needed
  • Sockets and wires that meet your country’s standards.
  • Light decoration as requirements
  • Power supply. For outdoor kiosks, we should leave space for a power source. Such as gas cylinders, lithium batteries, or solar-powered systems

outdoor candy shop design

Size Details

This candy trailer size is 2300*1650*2300mm. The counters are set in a suitable area and 1-2 workers are here to serve people and prepare sweets food. More outdoor kiosk design

food trailer design

Material detail

Candy trailers are for outdoor uses, we choose materials with high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, insulation, and fire resistance. Besides, the food trailer body is made of steel plate with a thermal insulation layer, the chassis has 2 sets of inflatable strong wheels, and the bottom has a jack so that the candy cart is always stable.

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