Mobile Hot Dog Foods Cart Retail Hot Dog Snack Stand

If you are one hot dog lover, you can sell hot dogs. Hot dog foods is easy for people to make. And it is also easy for you to start the retail hot dog business. You just need one hot dog foods cart, you can push it to the streets or some busy places. The carts are tiny and convenient for you to use. And its cost is very low and everyone can afford it. Besides, the cart can have a good customized design for your business.

Hot dog foods cart description

The cart style matches the hot dogs very much. It can let people think about the hot dogs foods immediately. The hot dog foods cart adopts red and yellow colors, which is similar with the hot dog foods. Such two colors very conspicuous and eye-catching in people’s visions. The cart part are red with the hog dog name and pattern. People can know and see that you sell hot dogs from the cart. And the canopy is yellow and red to cover the cart which can keep the foods clean and offer shades for you. What’s more, the poster of the hot dog food is at the top. The decoration can make the cart more attractive and colorful. Then people more want to buy foods.

hot dog foods cart

The cart dimension is 120*60*220cm. It is small but it is enough for the hot dog business. The whole cart is stainless steel material which is very high quality with long lifespan. It won’t be damaged easily. You can put machines on cart to make foods. Look at the structure, it has two big and thick wheels. The wheels are very wear-resistant no matter how the road is and how far you will go. Besides, there is one supporting bar at bottom too. When you stop the cart and park it, the supporting bar can increase stability power. In addition, there is one rectangle handle at the one end. It can make you push the cart easily.

retail cart

Time schedule

Design: 2-4 working days

Production: 18-22 working days

Shipping: 25-30 days

More process details please contact us at any time. We are here to help you all the time.

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