Mobile Ice Cream Cart Special Smoothie Snack Trailer

When people think about the ice cream they will feel very happy. Ice cream is one sweet delicious iced food. When people eat it, they can have a nice mood. Nowadays the ice cream can have many styles and tastes. It is profitable to sell ice cream at the hot selling season. The mobile ice cream cart can meet your needs of flexible business. The best point is that we can customize attractive one for you.

Mobile ice cream cart description

The mobile ice cream cart is very wonderful with a special design. It is oval which is like bread shape. The mobile ice cream cart facade edges are dark green. The frame inside wall and window door part are white and it is with many layers design. This looks very three-dimensional sense and layering feeling. The window and small bar table edges are orange. The bar table is under the window and it can be foldable. Near the window, we set one outdoor lamp for bring shining at night. The lighting can also shine its surrounding area for the passers-by. Two axles of wheels are at the food trailer middle to make the facade look cute. The wheels surrounding has 4 lifting jacks.

Mobile ice cream cart

The other parts of the ice cream snack trailer are white. The front head also has the ventilation window with orange frame. Its beside sets the external power supply for you the get electricity. The following is with the traction system with guide wheel and chain. The rear middle designs the door. The door is with safe lock and its bottom has the stainless steel bar which is for supporting the stair. Besides, there are the tail lighting system, which shows reflective and turning information. We can also make the brake system.

Mobile ice cream cart 2

Standard equipment

Standard configuration

Wheels: Single-axle or Dual-axle 165/70R13

Chassis: 40X60X2.5mm

Shell: 40X60X2.0mm

External Material: 1.2mm steel plate

Inner Material: 2.0 rubber insulation cotton,6mm multiply plywood,and inner 3mm white aluminum plastic panel;

Working Table: stainless steel #201 with 1.3mm thickness; with wooden sheet;

Inner Corridor: 2.0mm aluminum non-slip floor with water drain,with 15mm multiply plywood under it.

Roof: Plastic Pinch,5mm thickness.


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