Mobile Outdoor Beverage Stand Retail Drinks Coffee Tea Kiosk

Retailers prefer to choose outdoor beverage stand type booths. It is because they offer a convenient and accessible way for customers to purchase drinks while on-the-go. These stands can be placed in high traffic areas such as parks, beaches, and festivals, attracting a large number of customers. Additionally, outdoor beverage stands require minimal setup and maintenance, making them a cost-effective option for retailers.

Outdoor beverage stand description

The outdoor beverage stand is a stunning and eye-catching kiosk that is sure to draw attention. The main color of the kiosk is a vibrant green that makes it stand out in any environment. On the facade, there are yellow acrylic logos and a bubble tea model. They are both attractive and give a deep impression of the type of beverages being sold. The booth bottom has two rectangle light boxes that showcase the attractive and delicious beverages, including bubble teas. In between the two rectangle light boxes, there is a round light box that displays the booth’s image. The other sides of the outdoor food kiosk are adorned with different beverage pictures that are vivid and catch attention.

outdoor beverage stand

At the top of the drinsk snack booth, there are sticker signs that show relevant information about the beverages being sold. The bottom four corners of the kiosk have universal wheels that are hard, durable, and can bear heavy loading. The kiosk features three sales windows that can be opened to offer service to customers. When the windows are open, the canopies fold down and provide a shade area. The windows can be closed well when not in use.

outdoor beverage kiosk

Interior layout

The countertop of the kiosk is made of glossy wooden laminate and provides ample space for preparing and serving beverages. The kiosk also has storage cabinets and space for some machines. The backside of the kiosk has displaying shelves to hold something, and another side functions as an enter door. The kiosk is made of metal, which makes it durable, weather-proof, and strong. It has a long lifespan and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

About us

The company offer customization services, and the kiosk is sold at a factory direct sale price. The price is very favorable and cheap, considering the high-quality products and innovative design that are unique in quality. The company has a professional technical team and technical workers who are dedicated to providing excellent service to customers. Overall, the outdoor beverage stand is an attractive, durable, and functional kiosk that is perfect for selling beverages in outdoor environments.

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