Mobile Outdoor Food Cart Street Push Cart to Miami

Recently, many poeple plan to start their own business. For most poeple, it’s a challenge, to begin with, a restaurant because of the high rent fees. However, the shopping malls have a very strict approval process, and it is difficult to get a good location if you are not fully prepared. In this case, it’s a profitable idea to open a mobile food cart in the street. You can even push to anywhere you want to meet more clients. Here is an attractive food cart to share with you.

juice cart

Description of mobile food cart

This mobile food cart is mainly used to sell sweet food, such as chocolate, cupcakes, and dessert. The size is 1.5m by 0.6m, and the height is 2.4m with parasol. The main material is plywood with wooden lamination.

food concession stand

Details information

We can see there is a round metal logo on the surface. So people can notice your business and buy desserts from you. It has a retractable canopy that you can stow away when you’re closing down and spread out to provide shade for your customers when you get there.

sweet food cart

The support bars on both sides have multiple shelving so you can display more products for sale. We can add cabinet doors and drawers to store items. All the doors with locks to protect items. While the bottom has 4 wheels in total, you can move anywhere you want. View more push cart designs here.

Produce details show

food cart

This food cart is made for a customer from the USA, it is produced according to unique requirements. And we can see the real effect in the real product photos. No matter how unique a food cart you want, we can make it for you. Because our company has a professional team to come up with new food cart design solutions.

sweet food mobile cartfood stand

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